cool design

Specialising in developing unique websites, using one-off photography and classic typography. Keyword and SEO-optimised from the beginning.


Design Philosophy

User First

The sites do not cater to corporate ego or designer fancy. They are there for the user, to help them achieve their goals in visiting.

Mobile First

Designing for a small screen forces ruthless decision-making. We peel away the surface waffle until we arrive at the crux of each page.


Every element serves a purpose, whether it be navigation, branding, or psychological influence.

"Design, not decoration."

Example site 1

Example web design

The brief for this site was "professional yet approachable".

Color choice was the first decision: royal blue for authority and trust, warm neutrals to avoid a clinical feel.

Fonts were chosen for readability in the text, something a little different for the headings.

Example site 2

This is a site for women interested in beauty, makeup, mirrors and vanities.

Colors are bold and warm, evoking makeup and skin tones.